Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Blogpollery, Week 1

The JCCW's Week 1 ballot goes like so:

1 Georgia --
2 Ohio State --
3 Oklahoma --
4 Florida --
5 Southern Cal 1
6 Oregon 2
7 Missouri 2
8 Texas 4
9 Auburn --
10 LSU --
11 Alabama 15
12 South Florida 1
13 Wisconsin --
14 Fresno State 12
15 East Carolina 11
16 Brigham Young 2
17 Kansas --
18 Utah 8
19 West Virginia --
20 Penn State --
21 Texas Tech 5
22 Oklahoma State 4
23 Mississippi 2
24 California 2
25 UCLA 1

Dropped Out: Clemson (#7), Tennessee (#15), Pittsburgh (#18), Virginia Tech (#21), Arizona State (#22), TCU (#23), Illinois (#24).


--After a preseason "power poll" philosophy, the JCCW's early-season poll philosophy is a witches' brew of hard results, perceived strength, and in some cases quality of play.

--For an example of the latter: based on my preseason ballot I should be more impressed with Bowling Green than East Carolina, since I had Pitt solidly in the top 20 (because I am what you plebes may refer to with your filthy mouths as a college football "expert") and Va. Tech on the 20-25 fringe. But BGSU needed the help of several Panther turnovers for their upset while the Pirates basically kicked Hokie ass up and down the field for most of the game, and would have cruised if not for a couple of brainlock turnovers of their own. Add that to my perception that East Carolina was simply the stronger team to begin with, and volia: ECU at 15, BGSU on the waiting list.

--No losers. No team whose ledger book of accomplishments for the season is in the red deserves to be in a top 25.

--At the very top of the poll, I'm not buying that anyone's cupcake bludgeoning is any more impressive than anyone else's cupcake bludgeoning, and that includes USC's: Virginia's an unspeakably awful team, one Steele projected behind Duke.

--Texas and Oregon, however, did not play cupcakes and won just as easily, thus their bumps northward. Mizzou slips just a bit due to allowing Juice Williams to rack up Graham Harrell stats but not too far since, after all, they did beat Illinois.

--The further down the poll you go, the more credence is given to Week 1 results. Thus TCU and Arizona St. are out and victors over decent-teams-we-think Utah, Cal, and UCLA are in.

--I don't think I docked anyone for a weaker-than-expected cupcake bludgeoning (cupcake thump-knuckle?), with the exception of Texas Tech, which I was a little leery about already and gave up a pile of points and yards to FCS Eastern Washington in EWU's first game under a new head coach.

--Suggestions are welcome in the comments; arguing why Team A deserves to be ranked over Team B is the closest thing football has to bracketology, and I have to say I miss it in the fall.

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