Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Power Poll ballot

Behold, the JCCW's SEC Power Poll ballot and snarky comments for this week:

1. LSU. There should be some sort of funeral ceremony for the YouTube clip of Miles calling that useless timeout against Tennessee a couple years back, because after LSU responded to getting punched in the mouth by punching back even harder, it's not relevant in discussions of Miles any longer.

2. Florida. Mel Kiper, your job is to start talking up Tebow and Harvin as No. 1 and No. 2 in the 2009 draft right now. Because I do not want those two around for two more full season, no sirree.

3. South Carolina. Gators going 0-2 vs. the West means the East is every bit as wide open as the 'Cocks could have hoped. Game vs. Florida looks like the SEC's next "Game of the Year of the Week."

4. Auburn.
Mississippi State loss, Schmississippi Schmate schmoss. The demolition of Vandy and the only win in the league over the current top 3 (who I think have a bit of separation at this point) means they fall here. Until Saturday, anyway, when Arkansas delivers their annual bushwhacking.

5. Tennessee. Two losses are on the road to the No. 2 team in the country and a team that might very well be the actual second-best team in the country. Should maybe be ahead of Tigers since they don't have SEC loss #2 yet, but the "What did you do in the Swamp?" comparison keeps them here.

6. Kentucky.
I suppose I was the only person who thought Kentucky actually played better vs. the 'Cocks than they expected. To outgain SC in Brice-Williams isn't easy. Trim the TO's from 4 to 2 and that's a performance that beats the rest of the teams on this list.

7. Georgia. Yikes. That Alabama win doesn't look quite so impressive now that Houston came within a play of doing the same thing, either.

8. Alabama. Apparently the Demon of Mediocrity Borges finally exorcised from Cox has settled in the soul of J.P. Wilson. Like Auburn in Weeks 2/3, if Wilson finds the answer the Tide will be right back in the thick of things. But it's a big if, particularly with Tide fans understandably starting to clamor for Greg "Who?" McElroy.

9. Arkansas. I should just go ahead and move them up preemptively. Good news, D-Mac: your Heisman campaign's about to get rebooted.

10. Miss. St. Bulldogs should maybe get more credit for beating the No. 4 team on this list and taking their only non-LSU loss in fashion no less respectable than Kentucky. Oh well. I just get the feeling they've already exhausted their upset quota for the season.

11. Vanderbilt. Too bad Curtis Nickson's arm fell off in the offseason.

12. Ole Miss. Hey: thumping La. Tech at least lets you say you're better than Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

I'll give Miles credit for a gutsy game but the challenge still seems like the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Yeah, it worked out his way but a) it's far from clear that the officials got it right, the replays looked inconclusive at best to me and b) if you bet the house on 17 black and hit it, that doesn't make you a genius.

Risking your team's last timeout, which easily could have been a deciding factor, on a 9-yard difference in spot at the far end of the field isn't smart coaching in my book, though I'm open to counterarguments. WDE.

Anonymous said...


Do I detect a bit skittishness about the upcoming Arkansas-Auburn game? Perhaps you feel 'Evil Brandon' will show up for all the critical plays of the game? Perhaps we'll lose because we are one seriously thin team after all of the injuries? Don't sweat it! We'll win this one because my Ouija board never lies. Just remember: Facts and logic will only get you so far in predicting SEC football.



Jerry Hinnen said...

Anon. 1:48: I agree the challenge was kind of silly, but the bottom line for me is that Miles still went out and won the biggest game of the year for his team rather than passively letting what happens happens a la our dear departed friend Mike Shula.

SCTiger, yes, I am skittish. After the MSU game, I am most likely going to be skittish for every game the remainder of this season up to and possibly including the Tenn. Tech game. You never know when or where Evil Brandon is going to strike. And as for Arkansas, the fact that they have talent and they've ruined so many other seasons that seemed to be going along swell seems reason enough.

Of course, I was skittish about NMSU and Vandy, too, so there you go. And if your Ouija board really never lies, that's a good sign.