Thursday, October 25, 2007

3. %&@# Matt Flynn

Third in a series.

That's right, I said %&@# this guy. Against a Kentucky team just seven days before whose defense is, to put it as politely as I can, not Auburn's, he goes 17-35 for 130 yards, one TD and one pick. That's an average of 3.7 yards an attempt, with any number of throws so ugly they should have been sponsored by the uniforms Notre Dame threw up back to vs. USC. I know Doucet wasn't there, but that doesn't begin to explain that kind of statistical performance. It was awful. Atrocious. Decisively "L"-worthy. Even an outing twice as good against Auburn, given Auburn's own sound performance, wouldn't have been nearly enough.

But of course the bastard doesn't play twice as well. He plays, oh, I think the scientific terminology would be a googlebazillion times better. He goes 22-35 for 319, a TD, and a pick that only a brain fart so loud the Queen of England turned to someone somewhere and said "Goodness me, how rude" kept from actually being another 40 yards and maybe a second TD. Every pass that doinked harmlessly into the ground against UK's soft coverage fell beautifully into hands of blanketed receivers against Auburn. Yards per attempt? 9.1. It seems near unbelievable that a defense as good as Auburn's could give up 488 yards and I would still look back and say "I'm not sure they really could have played that much better," but I'm not sure they really could have played that much better.

Flynn was that good. And judging by his performances elsewhere, he is unlikely to be that good again. He saved his best for us. He had to; any less brilliant of a performance, any one less pass on the money, and LSU loses that game.

Again: %&@# him, %&@# him completely, and I mean that as the highest compliment.


Anonymous said...

The first two games, Flynn looked like a worldbeater. HBe sprains his ankle against VTech (& loses Doucet after same game.) He couldn't scramble or push off on throws and became Joe Underaverage.
Looks like the ankle's back, Doucet's back and they stop being tenative on D to protect a gimpy offense. It could unleash on Bama next week. I'm betting Arky with Monk back at the end of the year bites LSU on the ass.

Richard said...

He was that good too, wasn't he? I think a lot of what he did to us goes back to what happened at KY. I mean, really, on-the-road, at night following a humiliating loss to KY? That KY loss I think was the straw that broke our back. They were hella ready, as we knew they would be, but this guy was playing the game of his life. Too bad for us, we were on the receiving end.

War Eagle.