Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Works, Chiroptera Nation-style

Gonzo blogging. I'm not sure this caption for this picture as created by JRS for his Auburn schedule preview really makes any sense, but for some reason, I want to give it a hug:

I think that reason is probably just the built-in wonder of the phrase "bat country."

The Billboard top 100.
On the scale of Completely Disproportionate Overblownness, where something like Auburn's swimming national title would be a 1 and the Limo Gambit would be a 10, I fully expect these billboards to wind up a solid 8.25 or so.

To be continued. Will Heath takes a crack at determining the SEC Team of the decade and damn near succeeds, I'd say. With this caveat: let's see what happens this year. If the Gators win the league, it's all them. Anybody else, it's LSU, I'd say.

Breakin' it down. From the realm of the MSM, Chris Low looks at Auburn's lack of wide receivers and Luke Brietzke looks at Auburn's abundance of running backs. This will stun you, but the latter was a lot more fun to read.

Oldie but goodie. I still haven't linked to one of the videos that popped up last week of the media's tour of the basketball arena construction site, so
here's Jay Tate's. It's worth a look because this facility is going to completely own you. You won't even realize it, probably, but it will.

HEY! A guest writer at DawgSports compares something I like very, very much--Auburn football--to something I absolutely cannot stand and despise with every fiber of my being, i.e. the Mexican national soccer team. The worst part is, I can't even get angry at him, because the comparison's pretty apt. It just kind of sucks all the way around.

Etc. Did Snopes really have to go to the effort of explaining that this picture was a joke? Really? ... Mario Fannin adopts a curious accent in a fake interview at Section 25 ... there's a real and very interesting interview with Tommy Thigpen at War Eagle Extra, and it would be a big deal if I hadn't read like 30 very interesting interviews with Auburn's staff this summer ... WRAS has a quote for you ... I'll chip in $5 bucks if it means we can get the Expats a subscription.


KungFuPanda9 said...

I was reading Ben Tate's quotes over at War Eagle Extra by Andy Bitter, and am fascinated by his expanded role on offense. He will be calling alignments based on defensive sets.

Could this be an indicator Malzahn might be considering running some form of the single wing/wildcat formation? (see Smart Football by Chris Brown) We certainly have the running backs, and Kodi would be well-suited to this type of offensive scheme.

We wouldn't have to run every play out of this scheme. But a set of plays would be awesome to mix things up against the defense.

Thus, if we had to rotate quarterbacks, we would have viable options to make Kodi's presence less predictable in terms of plays.

jrsuicide said...
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jrsuicide said...

Like 80% of what my brain produces it makes 1000 x 0 amound of sense...

But my theme for the 09 Season is gonna be Fear & Loathing so we'll see where this goes. Anybody know how to use photoshop? I need a pick of the Chiz in a tropical shirt and a fishing cap and 1 of Ted Roof as Dr. Gonzo.

Steve said...

I had a class with Ben Tate his freshman year (my senior year), and we worked together in a small group very closely.

Great guy, but I sure hope he has gotten a bit smarter if he is going to be in charge of reading the defense and calling alignments.