Friday, July 03, 2009


A few weeks back I finally joined the 21st century and acquired me one o' them fancy-schmancy "iPode" thingamajigs or whatever you call 'em. It being Friday and the day on which two other prominent (and personal favorite) SEC blogs list the first 10 songs to come up on their iPods in a random shuffle for a "random 10", I though I'd take a stab at it. My iPod kicked out the following:

1. "A Pillar of Salt," the Thermals
2. "Bastards of Young," the Replacements
3. "The Perfect Drug," Nine Inch Nails
4. "Poor Old Kate", the Natchez Shakers
5. "The Wild Rover," the Dubliners
6. "Don't Leave Me," Blink-182
7. "A Fine Day for a Parade," Fountains of Wayne
8. "The Good Life," Weezer
9. "The Universal," Blur
10. "Let's Go Away for a While," the Beach Boys

So ... that's cool. But I'm not sure if it's enough to carry its own post here. So I'm adding a second 10. It being July 3rd and officially Independence Day weekend, here's 10 random incredibly awesome things about America, the awesomest country ever conceived.

1. (minus the pickle):

2. Mark Twain

4. The greatest television program ever
5. Charleston
6. Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

8. the Flora-Bama
9. the Panama Canal
10. Auburn football, and mid-major (and Auburn) basketball.

War Eagle, and enjoy your Fourth, folks.


Anonymous said...

song # 1 is a modern day classic


Marcus said...

A Chik-fil-a sandwich without pickles is like Journey without Steve Perry.
You should have your Southern citizenship revoked!

jrsuicide said...

I can stand by track #2. Saw Paul Westerberg play it solo once and just about and lost my then 24 yr old mind. Godbless the Replacements. And Godbless America.

jrsuicide said...

Also if you don't have Japandroids "post-nothing" record then I highly recommend downloading that. It's pure power pop gold.

Anonymous said...

Poor Old Kate is by the Pine Hill Haints, not the Natchez Shakers. (it's on a Haints/Shakers split, though, so that's probably the problem)

However, having a Haints song on your friday 20 is instant Auburn cred.

Acid Reign said...

.....Wow, I'm old. The NIN number is the only one I can actually hear in my head. And Trent is a young whippersnapper in my sonic world, too.

.....Well, I know the Beach Boys number, too. They were a fixture on local sanitized radio, growing up. I was more into the "out there" stuff, when I could find it. This would have been on my Ipod when I was 13...

KungFuPanda9 said...

Beach Boys and no Hendrix? Jimi was a Screamin' Eagle back when they still jumped out of airplanes. Plus, he could actually play the guitar.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Zach, yeah, it's off the split CD, but it's track No. 1 on a disc where the Haints' songs don't start until No. 10. Maybe the Haints wrote it, I don't know, but this particular recording isn't them. I've got a couple of their albums, I know Jamie's voice, and it's not him. (Here's a fun fact: Jamie and I were, briefly, co-workers at the Subway inside the Chevron at the corner of College and University. We didn't get to know each other because I worked the late shift and he worked lunch, but hey, still pretty cool ... except for the "working at Subway" part.)

Marcus, man, I just don't like pickles. That WAS the very first thing on the list, after all. I think my credentials are still intact.

jrs, thanks for the rec. Acid, that video was awesome.

Todd Jones said...

BLINK 182?!!?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.........!!!111

Jerry Hinnen said...

Todd, a) like your 10's don't have something just as embarrassing on a regular basis b) dude, it may have the stupidest title of any album I've ever bought, but "Enema of the State" holds up perfectly fine as a nice little slice of power-pop, pop-punk, whatever you want to call it. Those guys could write some serious hooks.

Sullivan013 said...


As any with a drop of Irish blood in them, I have all the respect in the world for the late Ronnie Drew and his band. But for my money the Clancey Brothers and Tommy Makem are the ones to listen to with a Guinness or a shot of 'the water of life' in hand.

The Rising of the Moon
Finnigan's Wake
Courtin' in the Kitchen
Water is alright in Tay
The Minstrel Boy
The Parting Glass

All time favorite - The Patriot Game

It's a fact that the Clancy's version of the last couldn't be improved by a remake, even by the likes of Bob Dylan (With God on our side). Despite Dylans' best effort, the pathos in the original is far deeper.

I can't think of a better song or poem that best describes the tragedy that was Northern Ireland before 1994.