Thursday, July 02, 2009

Savage isn't coming back this year

Andy Bitter on Tommy Thigpen, Auburn safeties coach, and his evaluation of Savage's injury:
Thigpen did not consider Savage an option. While head coach Gene Chizik did not divulge the severity of the senior’s injury last month, Thigpen said it was a serious tendon injury.

“That’s going to be hard to come back from,” he said.
Bitter also referred to the injury as "likely season-ending." At his blog, he states point-blank that Thigpen "doesn't expect" Savage to return in 2009.

In short: whatever hope you might have been holding out that Savage could return this season, forget it. Maybe he has a miraculous recovery and is in shape for the last few gems of the season ... but even then, why waste what should be an obvious medical redshirt?

So attention T'Sharvan, Taikwon, D'Antoine, etc.: you guys better bring it.

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