Monday, March 02, 2009

Outside of the hardwood ...

This happened:

Click over for another couple of awesome shots courtesy of Auburntron. Snow as snow per se doesn't hold much novelty for yours truly any more--I don't know if Ann Arbor's given me a lifetime cure, but it'll probably be good for a few more years at least--but even I have to admit seeing Samford Hall covered in the stuff's still pretty gosh-darned cool.

As for developments on the Plains of a competitive nature:

--Auburn edged Florida St. 10-9 Saturday before Sunday's game--in what has to be a first for Tiger baseball--was snowed out. The Tigers caught a hell of a break when Joseph Sanders' sixth-inning blast was caught by the FSU centerfielder, only for his collision with the wall to send his glove--and the ball--flying over the fence for a three-run home run and what would prove to be the winning runs. According to Plainsman Parking Lot, Auburn's got some nice power going and some pop at the top of the lineup ... but sheesh, we're still probably talking about a three-game sweep if that home run doesn't clear the fence.

--Bleah: Alabama naturally picked the Auburn meet to post their best score of the gymnastics season and extend their head-to-head winning streak to forever. Goign by scores, rankings, SEC records, there's no other way to spin it but as an upset, and unlike the teams' first meeting, it wasn't close. Get 'em next year, Tigers.

--For what it's worth, the softball team improved to 17-4 on the season with a 3-2 performance at the weekend's DeMarini Invitational. Since last year's team opened up at about the same pace before going just under .500 in SEC play, somebody much more in the know than myself would have to comment on how good the Tigers' performance has really been.

--And because no roundup of Auburn athletics news would be complete without something on the football team, you get one guess what recruit was busy taking an unofficial visit to the Plains over the weekend. I'm telling you: just one guess. You'd better make it a good one.

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