Monday, March 09, 2009

Hoops Blogpollery, Week "5"

1 Pittsburgh 2
2 North Carolina 2
3 Memphis 1
4 Connecticut 3
5 Louisville 1
6 Michigan St. 3
7 Duke 1
8 Kansas 3
9 Missouri 2
10 Oklahoma 3
11 Gonzaga 1
12 Washington 1
13 Wake Forest 5
14 Villanova 2
15 Butler 1
16 UCLA 1
17 Brigham Young 5
18 Xavier 3
19 Syracuse
20 Utah 1
21 Purdue 2
22 New Mexico 3
23 Arizona St. 3
24 California
25 Dayton
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Louisiana St. (#10), Marquette (#19), Creighton (#24).

1-5 Fairly straightforward in the wake of Pitt's sweep of UConn and UNC's clinching of the ACC title, I think. Memphis just doesn't have the schedule oomph to handle resume chits like "best team in the Big East" or "27-3 with sweep of Duke."

6-10: In case you tried to watch them win it and fell asleep--totally understandable--Michigan St. snagged the Big 10 title and gets a boost. The Big 12 teams are ranked in order of who I think would beat who on a neutral court today.

11-15: Villanova and Wake Forest put some quality wins up on the board this past week. The other teams in this group just avoided screwing up as teams like LSU imploded.

16-24 This is the part of the ballot where I'm tossing darts and flipping coins. I guess Kenpom means UCLA and BYU ought to be here. I guess Utah and New Mexico deserve some respect for tying for the MWC title. I guess Arizona St. can stay even though they lost to Stanford at home this week, since I don't know who to replace Cal with and the Sun Devils just got finished plowing Cal.

25: Man oh man, did I come close to slotting Auburn in here as a token SEc representative and giving myself a shot at the weekly Homer McHomerson award. But Dayton has a more impressive overall resume and, you know, beat Auburn when they played.

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