Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Works, Round 3 FIGHT!-style

One day I'll learn Photoshop, and then I'll be able to replace the heads here with Coleman's and Ziemba's, and then won't that be fun?

Auburn ... wins? Honestly, I'm more happy than disappointed about Tubby's Fight Club when it leads to blog-based creativity like so. I suppose the possibility that Ziemba's going to put one of our starting defensive ends in the hospital (I have to type "again" here, don't I? Sigh) again is a little troubling, but as long as the Auburn version of Kyle Turley doesn't start throwing helmets at his teammates, I'm not sweating it.

And as for the tut-tutting from the crimson-tinted areas of the state, WRAS provides the proper response:

In the end, what will any of this matter once actual football starts? Assuming the unlikely event of an injury stays unlikely, none.

Really? I think David Ching's trying to be complimentary when he writes of Phillip Pierre-Louis:
He can flat out fly, but he's about 5-foot-nothing, 100-and-nothing. Maybe a faster version of Markeith Cooper if you remember him.
Um, David, you probably know this, but the Auburn fans I know only remember "The Lizard" when we're forced to. Isn't there some, um, useful player we could compare Pierre-Louis to? Since that's the point--Pierre-Louis looks useful.

Well, he does have time for this sh*t. Coachbots understand that there's no reason not to treat the lowly beat reporters who make their livelihood covering him like the dirt underneath dirt's feet, or to even blow off the Stewart Mandels of the world. They can't offer anything genuinely beneficial in return; the only motivation to give them any help is useless common courtesy.

But of course if a reporter is interested in writing a lionizing cover story that calculations show should help expand a national recruiting footprint, be it for SI or for the likes of Forbes:

coachbots will be more than happy to accomodate you.

Co-sign, sort of. Kyle explains why Georgia should take on Clemson more often, and while I don't think the Auburn-Georgia Tech series ever quite had the animosity present between Cousin Clem and the 'Dawgs--I have an aunt who graduated from Clemson and will merrily curse Kevin Butler's name forever--there are several sections of his post where you could run a find and replace with "Auburn" for "Georgia" and "Tech" for "Clemson" and have it be entirely appropriate. Like Kyle, I can buy that it's not feasible for Auburn and Tech to renew their rivalry on an annual basis; I can't buy that two teams with as much tradition as the Tigers and Jackets can't work out more than one home-and-home over a span of 20 years. (There's a certain amount of irony to all this, of course.)

Buggin'. Lost amidst Aairon Savage's departure, the plague of ACL tears at Florida (which God was totally getting around to after the frogs and blood and whatnot back in the day ... and if you'd like to compare Meyer to Pharoah at this point to top off the metaphor, be my guest) and Sturdivant's breakdown at Georgia has been that Ole Miss has been bitten by the injury bug as well. In fact, he recently came right out and admitted it at Rebel blog the Red Solo Cup, which I don't think I've linked before but which you should probably bookmark/add to your reader pronto. Good stuff.

Elsewhere... the Auburner goes back to school; Evan Woodberry gives us a useful special teams update; TSIB expands humorously on the offensive nickname discussion; and Poseur at ATVS has some interesting thoughts on the Olympics and SEC expectations.


Anonymous said...

counter point to the bama fight video: nobody got hurt from that altercation, nor did they continue the fight over a long period of time ala Ziemba.

Acid Reign said...

.....I have to take up for "The Lizard." Cooper was pretty electric when he first arrived on the Plains. He was supposed to be an academic casualty, but Bowden stuck with him, and Cooper made it through at the last minute. He was a great change-of-pace, quick darter of a back. He had good hands, and had potential returning kicks.

.....Somewhere along the line, Bowden and Co. decided that Cooper needed to bulk up about 30 pounds, and be the starting tailback. Cooper went from being about the same size as me, to 190 pounds. Presto, Cooper was just another slow, undersized back. He got POUNDED in the 1997 season opener at Virginia, and separated his shoulder, after gaining about 30 yards on 10 carries. Done, as an SEC running back.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure I'm just out the animosity loop, cause I've never heard of this Clemson / UGA bitterness, but I do know that back in the day, way back, Auburn and Georgia Tech hated each other with a passion. Even up to maybe a decade after the renewal of the Iron Bowl in '48, Tech was Tiger enemy no. 1, at least on the field, at least according to certain players.