Thursday, August 14, 2008

Holy crap, times two

Holy crap the first: If you were wondering what would happen when Matt Hinton--already ridiculously prolific for someone workin' for a livin' at SMQ--got paid to write about our Glorious Game full-time, here is your answer: 27 posts in three days as of this writing, all of them of the same five-star quality we came to expect when Hinton was at SMQ. I'm expecting an expose soon from Yahoo Sports on Hinton's diet, which I figure must be downright Michael Phelps-ian to fuel such productivity.

Holy crap the second: 15 years?!?! You're telling me that if I had a child tomorrow, that child could get his learner's permit, and to celebrate he could drive the two of us to the local, say, Beef O'Brady's to watch Auburn pound new SEC member Flying Car State, and the game would still be on CBS under the same contract they're signing now?

I don't share Will's appraisal of CBS's SEC coverage--Lundquist and Danielson are above-average, I think Tim Brando's a decent studio host, and they recognized the need to get Tony Barnhart on air--but he's 100 percent correct that locking into a deal this long-term won't make much financial sense. Not that I'm any kind of financial expert (day job: journalist), but unless we're talking enough coin that Jordan-Hare winds up gold-plating their urinal troughs, I don't see why a contract of this length is a bright idea.

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The War Eagle Reader said...

the urinal troughs are gone! tragic! and oh man, flying car state, brillo!