Thursday, August 21, 2008

Good news, bad news

Good news: Well, more personal good news than general "good news," but one of the three Official Brothers of the JCCW got hitched last weekend in Pensacola. Said wedding was followed by a couple days chilling (actually, given that yours truly arrived at the Gulf Coast fresh off a couple of weeks of low-to-mid 80s in Ann Arbor, "chilling" doesn't feel like the appropriate term) in the lovely South and mowing down about a half-dozen Chick-Fil-A sandwiches.

Bad news: I thought I'd be able to get some bloggin' done on the trip. As you can see, that didn't happen so much.

Good news: After so many long months of hardship and famine, Auburn kicks off their 2008 season in just over a week, thank everything holy.

Bad news: I had so many grand plans for the 2008 A-U Pre-view--not to mention getting, like, twice as far along in the Cheese Puff series--and "just over a week" isn't nearly enough time to do those plans justice. Particularly since ...

Good news/bad news: ... the JCCW and Mrs. JCCW take off tomorrow for the same late August vacay that had me watching the K-St. game in Middle of the Woods, Michigan last fall. It's going to be a sweet trip (we're saying yah to da U.P., FWIW) but the timing, obviously, could be a wee bit better. I'm going to do what I can to get some worthwhile preview stuff up over the next week, but I can't promise you a lot. Sorry. This blog should be better.

The Good news is that at least it will be once this brief period of tumult is over. I was going to hold off on this little announcement until I got the promised update of the site completed (still coming, I swear), but if you noticed that uptick in content between the start of August and last Thursday, that wasn't a random blip; there's been a self-imposed, uh, shift in my employment status that gave and will continue to give me a bundle more blogging time.

In short, the JCCW's old days of two posts in a good week are over, and I should have plenty of time to make this an Auburn blog year-round in addition to indulging my college hoops jones in the spring. I am, as the kids say, stoked--over this coming season this blog is going to get a lot closer to being the blog it ought to be and that its readers deserve than it's ever been. Stick around. It'll be worth it.

Just as soon as I'm not gallivanting around from the panhandle to Lake Superior and whatnot, anyway. See you soon.


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Good News. BTW da UP is a great place to be, especially this time of year. I actually attended lawn tractor pull up there. An actual competitive league that travels from town to town. Be sure to find one if you can. America at its finest.

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