Saturday, October 28, 2006

Linkage / picks

Tried to post this this a.m. and Blogger would have none of it. Sigh.

--The most remarkable thing about SMQ's remarkable Fowler post? Following the rabbit hole to his exposure as a budding groomzilla (maybe he was a groomRodan?) here.

--If you buy only one movie soundtrack this year, make it the one to "Adventures of Tecmo Bo."

--I have to say, it's more than a little frustrating to have been a Braves fan my entire life, move to Ann Arbor, start semi-halfway-kind-of following the Tigers as a non-playoff-year substitute ... and see them lose in the most Braves-esque way possible.


My Ripken-esque run of non-consecutive winning or losing weeks continues as I went 2-4 last week. Back under .500 at 19-20.

This week:

OHIO STATE (-28) over Minnesota: After the Indiana demolition, OSU looks like they're tired of fiddling around with the likes of Cincinnati and Bowling Green ... and Minnestoa, who's barely better than those teams.

BAYLOR (+4 1/2) over Texas A&M: Baylor has beaten Fran when Baylor sucked completely. Now they're frisky and at home ... I'll take 'em.

RUTGERS (-20) over UConn (on Sunday): Has UConn covered a spread vs. a favorite yet?

WASHINGTON (+1 1/2) over Arizona St.: After last Saturday, it looks like Washington has righted the ship. Arizona St. punched a hole in theirs to start the season.

Florida (-13 1/2) over Georgia: I got burned predicting an easy win in a classic SEC rivalry last week, but this is different. Somehow.

NEVADA (-17 1/2) over New Mexico St.: The Wolf Pack covered this spread against Colorado St. and bludgeoned a perfectly decent San Jose St. team last week. And let's face it: when you're 19-20, does it really matter which games you pick?

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