Saturday, October 07, 2006


So real life has, as the kids say, gotten all up in my grill this week. The Man applied his usual early-week beatdown, followed by a cold that put up fortifications of snot in my nose worthy of the Maginot Line and assorted minor birthday celebrations (the JCCW turns 28 today...well, the guy writing it, not the website).

But this weekend the JCCW is returning with a vengeance...check in tomorrow for an All Blogging, All Dancing Sunday, complete with a full Auburn-Arkansas recap.

For now, though, the picks:

Kent (-24 1/2) over Temple; LSU (-1) over Florida; Alabama (-29 1/2) over Duke; Oklahoma (+4 1/2) over Texas; Miss. St (+21 1/2) over WVU (I must be nuts); Wasington (+19) over USC.

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