Friday, March 07, 2008

I'm Mr. Manager!

Taste the happy!

I'm a few days late on this, but the AD post was named runner-up in the College Football Blogger Awards "Best Post: Funniest" category. Which, as much as I would like to play Joe Cool about it, is pretty freaking sweet: I mean, there were hundreds and hundreds of Tobias-quote-funny posts last year in the college football blogosphere, and that any even halfway objective decision-making process resulted in something yours truly wrote being chosen as the second-best of those posts ... yeah, it's a bit of a boost to the ol' ego. Not as much as making the cover of Poof, probably, but it helps.

They're laughing with me!

(And yeah, it's not like I was expecting the grand prize, what with the JCCW going up against the consensus funniest piece of the year by Mr. Swindle, the equivalent of a Metal Machine Music tribute band trying to out-quiet the quietest Milford Man.)

So, thanks to everyone who sent votes my way and again to the cabal who approved my nomination. It's been fun.

Back tomorrow with mid-major thoughts, and I mean it this time.

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