Friday, March 14, 2008


A quick addendum to the bubble breakdown from last post: Charlotte's very much in the mix, too. You wouldn't know it paying attention to most outlets--how ESPN's Bubble Watch still have UAB and Houston listed and not the 49ers, I'll never know; ditto the "work" being put in by Stewie Mandel at, where Virginia Tech is still an option--but a big tip of the hat to Bracketography for pointing out what ought to be common knowledge by now: Charlotte's a threat. Look at this profile: 4-3 vs. the top 50, 9-6 vs. the top 100, W's at Clemson and vs. Davidson and SIU in nonconference, a split with Temple and a win vs. St. Joe's on their way to 9-7 in the A-10, and now a win over UMass in the tourney. How on earth is this team not even being considered? Frankly, I think they've already passed the UMass/New Mexico level and if they win today, I think they pass Temple and end up right smack against at the cut line--win or lose in the A-10 title game.

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