Friday, January 04, 2008

This too, shall pass

Muschamp's gone. Crap. Crappity crap. Crappity crap crap crap. I do hope that next time Mack Brown needs a DC, he looks elsewhere just out of common courtesy.

I'm not worried about Auburn's defense. Tubby will find someone else, and it's not like a particularly intelligent crow couldn't figure out a way to use guys like Blackmon, Coleman, Marks, and Evans. I'll be stunned if Auburn doesn't have the same murderizing D next year they had in 2007.

What stings is having not once but twice been told by men who had every reason to stay at Auburn that what Peter Bean said yesterday was true: Auburn is nice and all, but it's just not Texas. That Auburn's great, sure, but the Longhorns are a "slight notch above," that working for them is "a wee bit better" than working on the Plains. Nobody likes feeling second-class, and that's what first Chizik and now Muschamp bolting for the same stupid job feels like.

I can admit that when it comes to national recognition, the breadth of the fan base, the opportunity to cruise through one's conference to a major bowl game, the chance to have Brent Musberger offer to have "woman parts" implanted inside him just for the chance to bring ones' baby to term, yes, Auburn is "a notch" below Texas on those counts.

But those counts ain't everything. Talent and will counts for a lot, and it's my belief Auburn has those in spades; I personally would argue any difference in those areas between Tubby's program and Brown's at this moment is indistinguishable. Something--for lack of a better word--special could just as easily happen these next couple of seasons in Auburn as at Texas. Might even be more likely. And surely, the intensity and devotion of Auburn's fans (if not their numbers) are equal to those in Austin. Bottom line is that from this rampantly biased viewpoint, the time is ripe for a successful coordinator at Auburn to become, well, something substantially more beloved than coordinators typically are.

I figured that guy would be Will Muschamp. Oh well. It'll just have to be somebody else, somebody else I hope--as much as I wish Will Muschamp godspeed--Will Muschamp wishes he was someday.


Richard said...

I know. Wish him well. But his career, his choice as they say. As far as being second to Texas, well, funny how they seem to come to Auburn for recruiting quality assistants and not the other way around.

John said...

Dear Will:

I wish you and your family good health and long life.

But I also wish that your football coaching career goes straight to football-hell. I hope every Texas player you coach misses every tackle, never steps up to fill a gap, and never defends a single pass. Slim chance of that ever happening, yes, I know. But I wish it with all my heart.

Maybe you'll be the next idiot sentenced to Ames, Iowa after Chizik crashes and burns there. I can always hope for that too.

rahien din said...


Texas comes to Auburn because we have quality coaches and they can get them. Same way Auburn went to Indiana to get Al Borges. We don't go to Texas to poach coaches because we can't get them.

In terms of talent and competition, I truly believe Auburn to Texas is a lateral move. WDE. But in terms of name recognition and national exposure, Texas has the edge. But who the hell cares? The biggest thing Texas has on us is the beauty contest factor. We know it, Texas knows it, and Muschamp knows it.

Tubs doesn't hire loyal assistants, anyway, he hires the best he can find - and he is very, very good at finding them. So I think we'll be fine next year. Muschamp's made a smart move that'll probably help his career. I wish him all the luck.

Jess said...

Noooooooooooooooooooo! He looked so dreamy in Auburn colors... :-(