Sunday, January 28, 2007

Recapping the recaps

Check it: you can now relive every bit of Auburn excitement that was broadcast on national television* in the year 2006 right here via the magic of hit-or-mostly-miss jokery, irrelevant links, and hyphens masquerading as bullet points! Here's your handy guide to the JCCW's first season of recaps:

1. The Capital One Bowl vs. Wisconsin
2. The Washington St. game
3. The LSU game
4. The Arkansas game
5. The Florida game
6. The Iron Bowl, Half the First and Half the Second
7. The Cotton Bowl vs. Nebraska, Half the First and Half the Second

It's been fun. Going to post some mid-major hoopery before the various sites I conned into adding me to their blogrolls last spring kick me out, then wrap up the 2006 Auburn season in the fairly near future, well after everyone has stopped worrying about it.

*Georgia game not included

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