Monday, January 15, 2007


Real life got even more real than usual this weekend. The JCCW will be back Thursday or Friday, hopefully. Until then.


Sparky said...

Thank god--you're human. With the prolificness of your blog, I was beginning to wonder when you slept . . .

Thanks for the link to the Deford piece on BSC--and remember, at least he didn't abbreviate it B-SC. That hyphen goes both ways, you know. (And were we there when Dave came to campus? Can't remember . . .)

And I'm eagarly awaiting the second half of the Iron Bowl coverage. I was probably the only other person in the Midwest watching it instead of that OTHER, not-nearly-as-significant game, so any chance to relive the glory is encouraged.

HEY, is that an SEC rivalry over there?

Jerry Hinnen said...

Sparky, appreciate the love, but you don't read too many college football blogs, do you? Cuz while I might be "prolific" amongst out little cadre of ex-BSC bloggers, I am WAY behind the curve on college football blogging prolificness. I am quite un-prolific, actually.

And yes, it was quite tough going through Iron Bowl week in the midwest hearing about how some other game was the end-all-be-all of the entire collegefootbal lseason. Nice of USC and Florida to apply some beautiful revisionist history there.