Friday, July 14, 2006

For the love of...

All right, you know what, I am sick to death of this kind of [fill in your favorite variety of animal excrement].

I'll have more to say about this in a couple of days, when I calm down and can write, say, 1,000 words without half of them being unfit for children. But for now, two things:

1) There are going to be a lot of Auburn fans (I wouldn't go so far as to say the majority, but a lot) who will read this article and see Gundlach, the whistle-blower, as the villain. There are a lot of Auburn fans (the same ones, natch) whose faces I would like to spit in. I have a Master's degree from Auburn. I know firsthand that there are hundreds of terrific faculty and staff members putting in massive hours and tons of patience for a peanuts paycheck--all to try and teach the students who want to learn something, to try to make an Auburn the sort of place people actually associate with a good college education, a place where good teachers and researchers would actually want to work.

And jackasses like this Petee, Lowder and the Board of Trustees, and the hapless administration instead take that effort, those accomplishements, and those faculty members' good names and drag them straight through the mud. They're hawking loogies all over MY degree and the degrees of my colleagues and friends. F*ck them. Kudos to Gundlach for taking a stand and saying his work and his name are worth something.

2) The next time I read a national article with a quote by "Auburn U. Interim president So-and-So" I'm going to hurl my fist through a wall. For how many years running now has Auburn been led by an "Interim" President? Five? Six? How can Auburn possibly be taken seriously as an institution of higher learning when its leadership can't even find anyone qualified who wants to be its President?

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