Monday, July 10, 2006


So, hard as it might be to believe there were things I didn't write in my last post (seeing as how it was the most longwinded piece of writing since Remembrances of Things Past), well, there were. Here they are:

--I should have perhaps made a disclaimer that my reaction is the reaction of one particular BSC alum, one who's been following these developments at a distance. I haven't been in Birmingham since early June, haven't been on campus since hoops season, haven't been a student since 2001. I wouldn't dare call my response the right one, the definitive one, or even the representative one: talk to anyone involved with athletics or even much of the student body, I'm guessing, and you'll hear a lot more anger than I expressed.

--That said, talk to the faculty and I'd imagine you'd hear much less. (They voted in support of the D3 move a few days ahead of the Board vote.) Not surprising, I know, but in my experience the faculty at BSC are much more supportive of athletics than their peers at larger institutions. It's worth noting.

--A handy chronicle of the Birmingham News's coverage of the move can be found here.

--Lastly, an announcement about the future of the JCCW. The blog will continue, starting this winter, to cover mid-major college basketball. It will no longer, however, be exclusively devoted to the Big South. There will always be a proverbial soft spot in my proverbial heart for the Flyin' Falwells and Fakecocks and Gregg Marshall's exquisite suits, but I think I can be excused for lacking the interest necessary to cover the league as I did last spring. Instead, I'm currently planning to provide daily (or near daily) analysis of overlooked mid-major results across the country. More Big South / SWAC / Sun Belt / Mid-Con than Missouri Valley, if you get my drift. Akin to the old "Daily Dribblings" on the Mid-Majority before Whelliston started playing with the big boys.

Until then, it's Auburn and SEC football and whatever else strikes my fancy--I feel a Hawks rant coming on in the next week or so. Please do keep, uh, tuning in.


mike said...

As a former BSC baseball player, I can certainly understand the wide range of emotions related to BSC dropping to DIII.

I appreciate your candor and you write on the issue.

If you want more opinions (not that they matter much), visit It was a blod primarily for Baseball alumni. As you can see, it has since been updated to represent UAB colors...if for nothing more than spite.

Anyway, I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Mike, thanks for reading and I appreciate the heads-up on your blog. I certainly don't begrudge you your alliance to coach Shoop rather than BSC--it's the support of good people like you Pollick had to expect to lose by being so underhanded.