Monday, February 06, 2006


Winthrop's Billy Houston has left the team to focus on graduating on time. Both Houston and his father says it's not about playing time ("Last year I took myself out of the starting lineup to help the team, and now I'm taking myself off the team and that's what's best for me," Houston said) but you have to wonder when his decision comes only two days after he gets his fewest minutes of the season. In any case, it's yet another obstacle for the wobbly Eagles to deal with.

Read this column from the B'ham News and you'll find out that SEC TV analyst Joe Dean Jr. used to coach Birmingham-Southern. Will you find out that Dean is also BSC's current athletic director? Will you find out how Dean balances his BSC commitments and his TV commitments, something I've wondered about for years? No. Bah.

The News also shortchanges the love with this alleged "piece" about Bucky McMillan. Look, no one deserves a write-up more than Bucky. But unless there's been some glitch in the system and they only stuck half the story on the web, we need to have a serious talk with Mike Perrin about the SHORT-ASS length of his features.

More shoddy journalism: Asheville's Citizen-Times throws the team and Eddie Biedenbach under the bus for the Bulldogs' underacheieving season. And all without asking Biedenbach to comment, despite the fact that you and I can ask Biedenbach a question right there on the Citizen-Times web page. I've also given the Misses Peacock a hard time over the last month, but both myself and this writer (no byline? did no one want to face the wrath of Eddie?)could do a better job of emphasizing UNCA's injury problems.

Ceeeeeeeelebrate Good Times Come On! in Conway, where the 'Chants are having movie nights and bonding over cookies and ice cream. No word if pajamas were involved, though apparently there was more talk about the High Point press than cute boys.

Speaking of Coastal, did an interesting write-up of Buzz last week pointing out the many parallels between his career and Matt Doherty's. I guess writing for doesn't get you an interview, though.

Predix for tonight: The Dedmon Center should be rocking as BSC visits MacRadford tonight and it wouldn't surprise me to see the other shoe finally drop. But Radford's getting so little on the glass besides people who aren't Chris Oliver I think the Panthers can rebound their way to a lsim, slim win. BSC 71, Radford 70.

High Point doesn't have enough support for Redi right now to take down the Fakecocks in Kimbel, although a letdown of some sort is a distinct possibility. CCU 76, HPU 64.

UNCA travels to Lynchburg with a healthy Chad Mohn and a functional (to judge by their last game) Joe Barber, and I think that's too much even on the road for the Flyin' Falwells. UNCA 65, Liberty 60.

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