Sunday, February 26, 2006



Well, Winthrop won.

I was there and I do, of course, have plenty to say about it and plenty of bad jokes to unleash. But turns out BSC's loss wasn't even the worst thing to happen to me this weekend: the JCCW has come down with the Crud. Yeah, I know, it's not exactly exhausting to type, but there's chills and I'm well aware there's enough typos on this site already.

For your reading pleasure:

Reboul rightly bemoans the injury to Paul and the foul trouble for Powe and Viglianco to the B'ham News, while the Herald curiously ignores those developments completely. Though the Herald's characterization that Winthrop was simply the substantially better team in the second half is spot-on.

Your box score. Stat of the game: BSC takes 11 more shots, and hits two fewer field goals. Yikes.

Back when I can breathe again.


stormy said...

feel better soon NJC

Anonymous said...

Hey man bsc has been playing way beyond their talent level all season,a tribute to their coach.Why haven't you posted on this board since the WU loss?Sooooo Long.See you next year.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Stormy: thx.

Anonymous: Thx for the comments Re:Boul, but check the post you're commenting on as for why I've been MIA. The sleep I've been abandoning to blog has been a much more important commodity this week.