Sunday, June 22, 2008

My Name is URL:

Forgive me: if we were actually discussing the hit NBC television program pictured above, safe to say I'd have to add the pun in the subject line to my own list of karmic transgressions.

But what we're actually discussing here is a new URL (one you might have already noticed?) for the JCCW. I've hinted before at some coming improvements around these parts, and one of the first improvements those attempting to earn their capital letters as an Auburn Blogger should have is an address without that annoying ".blogspot," right? But I'd be deluding myself to think would work for anyone who hadn't been a regular reader for a number of months--and even then, judging by the number of hits I get via a Google search for "joe cribs car wash," it wouldn't be a guarantee even then. So instead I give you:

Easy, right? Tell your friends. Well, the friends you haven't told about the JCCW already. The ones you have (which is, like, all of them, right?) are still in good shape, since the old blogspot URL will continue to work just fine.

I admit it may not be the most logical move in the world to have a URL that doesn't correspond directly to the name of the site, but

a) as you can see, the subtitle's there to help

b) c'mon, we're Auburn fans--dealing with multiple seemingly unrelated names for the same thing is kind of our thing, right?

So there you go.

As I said, this is just one of several upgrades for the JCCW planned for the stretch between now and the start of the season; the minor ones will pass without an announcement, so if you look up and things look ever-so-slightly different, that's why. Major changes will be accompanied by posts, though hopefully without quite such cringe-inducing punnery.

So until next time: War Blog Eagle.

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