Sunday, May 04, 2008

Back shortly

I'd like to think there's a few things that long-time readers of the JCCW (all seven of them) can count on this blog to provide, things you might say the JCCW """brand""" (because one set of sarcasm-indicating quotation marks isn't enough in this particular case) is "known" and "recognized" for after its two-plus years of existence. Like, say, witty-and-honest-but-far-from-libelous assessments of Auburn's performances. Wild mood swings as regards to the figure of Tommy Tuberville. Horrible puns. Laughably wrong NCAA Tournament bracket guesses.

And, of course, mysterious, unexplained weeks-long absences like the one the JCCW has just offered up since late March.

Look, I can be honest about this: some of those absences in the past have basically been the product of what most light bulbs would refer to as "burnout," in which an unfortunate confluence of Real Life and several weeks of serious blogging that would simply result in lighter posting on a more responsible blog has, here, resulted in the kind of silence in which you could give birth to a Scientologist's baby.

This time, though:

That's a view of the harbor outside Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala, from the deck of a wondrous giant boat laden with steak and overpriced alcohol. I spent a week on said boat with this blog's favorite recurring guest star, the Mrs. JCCW, in mutual celebration of a procedure vaguely alluded to previously in which her "Soon-to-Be" was removed.

So: as you might imagine, said procedure, said celebration, and the time Real Life demanded first in preparation for the weeks spent, uh, proceeding and celebrating and then in making up for those weeks upon returning have bumped blogging pretty much to the bottom of the to-do list.

Forgive me for treading so relatively close to LiveJournal territory here, but the point is that just this once, it's not laziness or a sudden unyielding addiction to "Lost" on DVD. (Though I did go through that this spring. Been clean now for six weeks.)

And to prove it, the JCCW will be back in the swing of things starting ... now. The next few days we'll have a post with a few post-NCAA Tournament thoughts that no one in the world would care about but that I want for posterity, then it's full-on Auburn mode for the summer.

And while it doesn't look like I'm going to have the full-scale relaunch I'd kinda hoped for a few months back, the site's definitely going to get spruced up bit-by-bit and will likely look very different by the time ... well, by the next time I disappear for a month.

Stay tuned. It'll be worth it.


Acid Reign said...

    Yes, we still have you in our feed-reader. When you post, it's pretty amazing, entertaining stuff. No, you're not going to explain to us how to beat the cover-two zone, but as far as describing our game-time agonizing, no one's better!

    We shall stay tuned. War Damn Eagle!

    And congratulations.

United Method said...

glad you are alive and back from your trip. I'm already looking forward to seeing you in August. 'grats again!

weagle251 said...

Good to have you back, Jerry.

tiger7_88 said...

Marriage, shmarriage... put the little woman in her place and GIVE US AUBURN COMMENTARY!!!