Tuesday, July 17, 2007

*knock knock* Housekeeping! *knock knock knock*

So you may have noticed a few minor changes around the JCCW this past week. Get to those in just a sec. First ...

Quickie linkage: With all the exciting stuff happening up the road, Auburn's news week hasn't been so much "slow" as "Sid Bream-paced." (Today's breaking news from the Press-Register: Tubby's got a dinner engagement!) So no "Works" post, though do check out Jeff Lebo oh-so-subtly implying that the Auburn administration is only now showing a "true commitment" to hoops; the OA-News catching up with Will Herring, who must thank the heavens daily that Muschamp showed up to say "Hey, this guy who's always getting beaten deep because he's trying to make a tackle-for-loss from the safety spot ... howzabout we try him at linebacker?"; Rivals issuing a better-than-you-might-expect, preview-magazine-style breakdown of the Tigers (hat tip to FTB); and Stewart Mandel, who gets perhaps more grief in the college blogosphere than he should, failing to help his cause by not knowing the difference between "piqued" and "peeked."

E-Mail: Because I am a Bad Blogger, I had been under the impression that if you clicked to view my full profile up in the right corner there, you'd see the JCCW's e-mail address. That, uh, was not the case. So if you've got something to tell me that always felt awkward in public and just doesn't fit in with that whole "comments" scene, it's up there now. Use wisely.

Blogroll update: For the first time since the JCCW kicked off back in January '06, the blogroll has undergone a thorough spring cleaning. Some dead wood's been cleared away with lots of new must-clicks planted in their place. Two quick notes: the secret soccer fan in the JCCW now has representation, with the invaluable Dan Loney and several combo football/football blogs like Dodgy at Best, DC Trojan, etc.; and it seems impossible, but with the demise of blogs like Hawkeye Hoops and Chris West and guys like Pomeroy and Yoco now being paid to turn their concentration mostly elsewhere, the college hoops blogosphere is actually worse off than it was two seasons ago. In a world where 10 percent of pet parakeets now at least have a LiveJournal account, this is an astounding (and rather disheartening) development.

Vacay: The JCCW is merrily shipping off Wednesday for a few days back on the blessed gulf coast of the Sweet Home, so no posting until (likely, not guaranteed) the middle of next week. See you then.

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