Saturday, November 04, 2006

Picks (for entertianement value only)

Remember that poster from your ninth-grade science teacher’s classroom wall, the one with the frog already inside a stork’s mouth, but the frog has his, uh, hands around the stork’s throat? So the stork can’t swallow? And underneath the picture it says “Never give up!”?

Yeah, if it wasn’t for that picture, I’d have given up on my picks a while back. 2-4 again last week, 21-24 for the season. I can’t remember the last time I picked an SEC game correctly. But if that that frog can put his hands around that stork’s throat, I can persevere, too.

The picks:

Indiana (+5 ½) over MINNESOTA: Really? The team that beat Iowa and Michigan St. is an underdog to team that hasn’t beaten a soul all season? OK.

VANDERBILT (+17) over Florida: You just KNOW Vandy is going to make this a tight game, then lose by 10 points at the end. That’s what they do.

Kent (-16 ½) over BUFFALO: Probably shouldn’t be picking MAC games, but Buffalo’s only win in 2005 came over Kent, and Kent is about a thousand times better this season. I’m all about the revenge factor this week. Which is why …

LSU (-4 ½) over TENNESSEE: Check out the flag-planting bad blood that’s sprung up between these two. (HT: ATVS.) Nice. Toss in that Ainge is iffy and that LSU is more than due for a good performance against a good team, and you’ve got to take the Tigers here.

BYU (-15 ½) over COLORADO ST.: CSU is coming off a loss to New Mexico. BYU has quietly established itself as the best non-Boise mid-major team out there, season-opening losses to Arizona notwithstanding.

Oklahoma St. (+18) over TEXAS: Hmm…Texas beat Nebraska by two after a unbelievably lucky fumble. Ok. St. beat Nebraska by, well, a hell of a lot more than that. I know, home field was different, the Huskers had a letdown, whatever. Methinks this spread is still far too high.


marcus said...

Whats the plan for Saturday, sucka? I'm leaning towards out for the Decemberists. I also assume that the early kickoff time means you wont be in town to view the AU-UGA game? If you DO want to watch it with me, let me know sometime before 5 pm today if possible and i'll add you as a guest to my evite to the alumni club.

Jerry Hinnen said...

Marcus, assuming you're still paying attention here, yeah, I'll be in town. Was planning on watching with some AU alums at "Joe's" with my Auburn alum friend Rod. Are these the same alums you're hanging with?

I've still got a spare ticket to the show if you want it.

Left you a message at LJ.